Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Is What The Public School System Has Unleashed On America

The "Healthcare" industry in the US is being turned into a tool of "Democide". This Doctor, who read the Obamacare health bill, explains that he will be forced to administer treatment via a government formula, and not base treatment on his own expertise, or face a $100,000 fine on the first violation. The second violation would call for a prison sentence. If this isn't stopped, we will lose almost half our Doctors when this goes into enforcement, as early as 2013.

This is a mis-application of law in America. America is constituted on the unchanging logic of "natural law"; murder can never become legal under the US constitution and punishments are only for committed crimes. A doctor helping a sick person get well is never accepted as a possible crime in Western constitutional culture. This can only be a crime in a Socialist, or Communist, (global) culture. 

Only by subverting Western culture through the practice of stupefying its citizenry with "global indoctrination" with Marxist philosophical thinking, called "praxis", can make this proposed irrationality acceptable in western constitutional culture.

Socialist governments are constituted on "arbitrary man"; their laws can be changed by those in power; enforcements are based on expediency, logic is irrelevant, chaos helps government retain and increase power, murder can become legal and punishments are for "dissenters", not people who commit actual violence. Government imposed irrationality proliferates only if the citizens minds have been "washed of the belief they can know right from wrong" (brainwashed).
Using knee-jerk "consensus" teaches the irrational "tolerance" of the Hegelian or Marxist dialectic. This irrationality induces "chaos" into the individual life, the family and society. This replacement of rational thinking enables Socialism. Socialism requires brainwashing, the destruction of the concept of "goodness", the destruction of the family, the destruction of freedom; "peace" is redefined as "not opposing socialism", Socialism's chaos and tyranny renders life unlivable.

Please note the shameless power-grab and irrationality of this system. "Zero Tolerance" is a good example of the dishonest, irrational, power-abusing nature of Socialism. Notice the power-play, bereft of logic and honesty; its logical outworking being only mindless, cruel intimidation of a person completely  innocent of any real crime. Logic begs the question; would a true perpetrator, with a plethora of available devises,  ever select a "butter knife" as a weapon of choice? You will see this same pattern of "shameless power-grab combined with irrationality" in all socialist ideology (gay education for children-same pattern); that is how you can recognize it, point it out to others, and let those who succumb to this deception know that this is "subversion" and not American.

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