Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Credentialing Renders A Person "Indoctrinated", Not "Educated"; A Demonstration

Sadly, I recently learned about the deceptive practice of "astroturf", whereby someone with money hires protesters then calls the news to do a story to "look at the outrage" when, in fact, it is planned deceit. Can our "credentialed" friend discern "grassroots" from "astroturf"?; let's find out:

Why did this teacher say the audience's standing to pledge-in-unison was "presumably planned"? Below is a video of a fake protest Andrew Breitbart exposed as being "staged" by "Organizing for America".  Unbelievable; I would have never suspected Americans of this "astroturf" deception if it were not for these "useful idiots" getting  busted on video.  Maybe this is why this teacher presumed the outburst of patriotism was fake.

Wait a minute... wasn't our friendly teacher a member of "Organizing for America"? HMMM...

She did say she teaches "German". Ah yes, Germany; the birthplace of "Political Correctness", "The Will To Power", "The Nazis", and "The Frankfurt School". And don't forget Marxism's "Communist Manifesto" which was the precursor to John Dewey's "Humanist Manifesto" that formed and still guides US public schooling to this day.

Funny, if you look at the first 100 words of the "Declaration of Independence" and compare it to the first affirmation of Dewey's manifesto, if one knows Dewey's history, they can immediately identify him as a traitor of the worse kind. He and his friends wrote books and essays about Dewey's plan and tactics of using our country's school system to undermine US sovereignty, freedom and our patriarchal (hence the term "patriotic") culture.

Maybe in preparation for Dewey-and-friend's decision to usher OUR children out of our respectable, Truth-based culture, and over to the deceptive, immoral, PC Weirdness of Global citizenry, Kathy Tate-Bradish should learn a little "Russian" too, starting with the communists' meaning of their phrase "useful idiot". Aesopian language is so "multi-cultural".

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