Monday, March 8, 2010

Are Public Schools Harming Our Children?

If you doubt what Mr. Blumenfeld is stating in this video, be sure to watch his other videos posted online; this video is merely his conclusionary statements. Also, google the "Frankfurt School" and the "Fabian Society" and do some research into the blatant statements by known social engineers such as Benjamin Bloom, John Dewey, and the various "Fabian Society" members. You will find more than a handful of educational founders and leaders, some whose names you are already familiar, who admittedly hate Western culture's concepts of "goodness", "family", and individual rights. They want to replace our Western constitution & freedom with Socialism which not only requires the destruction of family and property rights, Socialism requires brainwashing; the removal of the individuals ability to discern right from wrong resulting in the eradication of the concept of "goodness" from culture. To do this, they have designed, and continue to use, the public school system for the destruction of Western culture by using "free education" as a "lure" to dumb-down and corrupt a trusting citizenry.

The original Samuel Blumenfeld playlist I had posted here titled "Is Public School Harming Your Children", has been taken down from the internet.

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  1. My kids are still years away from schooling. I will follow your blog, read some books you recommend etc. Right now I am inclined towards our local public school. But I am inclined to look at all options too.